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K - 5th Grade  9:30 a.m to 3:30 p.m. 

6th - 8th Grade  9:00 a.m. to 3:15 p.m. 

Lawton IXL



We are excited to share that the district is transitioning from School Loop to Synergy’s Gradebook Family and Student Portals in August 2017. This transition to Synergy will provide SFUSD’s students, families, teachers, and district staff with a unified system for real-time information on classes, grades, assignments, and more. While we know change can be challenging, we firmly believe the transition to Synergy Gradebook will increase efficiency for teachers and improve access for our students and families.


What does this mean for students and families?
Starting in August 2017, students and families will log in to Synergy’s Family and Student Portals to access student information related to attendance, assignments and grading. Our transition to Synergy is a response to feedback we have heard from school communities about the need to streamline the number of online systems we use for school-family communications.  Our team will be reaching out to families via parent groups and advisory councils, email, School Messenger, school websites, and School Loop to inform them of the change and provide opportunities to learn more and prepare for the transition in August 2017.  


Why are we making this change?

  • One login for attendance and grades for teachers and district staff
  • One login per family, regardless of the number of children and which school they attend
  • Greater clarification and standardization of SFUSD grading practices and policies
  • Increased security and confidentiality of student and parent information
  • Actionable real-time student performance information
  • Improved accessibility for individuals with disabilities
  • Improved translation options

What will happen with School Loop?
School Loop will continue to be used for school websites next year. However, teachers, students and families will use Synergy instead of School Loop for other communications and  information about grades and assignments.


We are confident that Synergy Gradebook is another exciting step to leverage technology to increase engagement in our school communities, enhance data integrity and security, and better position us for 21st century learning, as outlined in Vision 2025 and our Digital District Plan.  


To learn more, check out the exciting G4A Launch Video, go to the Gradebook for All website (, or download the attached flier.



SFUSD encourages students to be in school every day, and we are committed to keeping them safe and fostering learning. We recognize that there are times when students and their families may choose to participate in activities such as demonstrations or strikes outside of school during the regular school day. While we respect and support our students' rights to express their views, please note that participation in a demonstration, walkout or strike will not be counted as an excused absence. ​

Middle School Maker Faire - Save the Date - Saturday April 8, 2017 - 1:00-4:00 at Presidio Middle School
Lawton middle school students are welcome to join Presidio for their Maker Faire on April 8.
If we have some parent or teacher volunteers who can help coordinate, that would be great.  Please contact organizer Janet Yieh.
H Folks,
It’s time to start working on our upcoming Maker Faire. Last year’s Maker Faire was an awesome event, but all 3 of last year's organizers have moved on with students to High Schools throughout the city.
In order to pull this off, I’m gonna need some help.  I am looking for some folks to either lead or volunteer for a few committees.  I’m breaking down tasks into small manageable chunks so no one (including me) are overwhelmed.
Please send me an email to if you are able to help with any of the following.
Logistics Coordinator
Looking for 4-5 people to help determine what supplies are needed at each booth.  I will also need folks to be available in each ‘zone” to make sure set-up goes well.  Please let me know if you can lead or if you would just like to volunteer for this committee.
Maker Recruiter
This person will help me identify potential Makers from School, Staff & Community.  I need a creative person in this role. We want great activities for our guests to enjoy.
This person will help plan the layout of the event.  Working with logistics team to be sure placements make sense based on proximity to  electrical/water/other needs.
Graphic Designer
This person needs to be able update last years posters and other promotional materials. This job can be done from home.
Volunteer Coordinator
This person will help recruit volunteers to all needed tasks, including setting schedules at each booth. This job can be done from home via email, but will need to be onsite on the day of the event.
Donations coordinator
This person will contact donators from previous years and arrange for prizes for student volunteer prize drawing.  This can be done from home via email.
Music Coordinator
This person needs to have a working knowledge of equipment/setup needed for our musical guests.  Would need to coordinate with Band & orchestra department for any equipment that can be borrowed.
Food Coordinator
Food will be offered as a fundraiser for the 8th grade Washington DC trip. All volunteers will be coordinated through the Wa DC teaching staff.  Just wanted to let folks know that there will be food and it will be a fundraiser, so plan to be hungry that day :)
If we do not get volunteers to help with these tasks, we will not be able to have this event. So please let me know ASAP how you can help.
Thank you,
Janet Yieh
Presidio PTSA


Giving to Lawton

There are a variety of ways you can support Lawton  Three very easy things that you can do right now are to view teacher proposals on, sign up for eScrip, and bring in some Boxtops.


You give to a project, Donorschoose delivers the materials to the class, kids learn and show it in photos and thank-you notes.


eScrip is a resource where participating business partners contribute a percentage of your grocery loyalty cards, credit card, and debit/ATM card purchases to Lawton.       For example, if you register your Safeway Club Card with eScrip, Safeway donates 1% of what you spend per month to the school.  Lawton's Group ID# is 119028715.  


Next time you go grocery shopping, look for the Box Top logos located on many different products like Cheerios.  If you buy any of these products, all you need to do is clip the tops and leave them  in the PTA cubby in the Lawton main office. 

School History

Over seventy years ago, Lawton Alternative School was founded in the growing Sunset District.   The school was built by the Works Progress Administration (WPA), which provided work to nearly eight million Americans during the Great Depression.  Most of the school buildings in the area were built by the same architects in an Art Deco influenced style known as "Streamline Moderne."  This type of style emphasized curving forms, long horizontal lines, and sometimes nautical themes.  Source: Sunset Beacon.

Today, Lawton is a Kindergarten through 8th Grade school with an open enrollment which allows students from any San Francisco neighborhood to apply to attend.  Our school-wide priority is to improve the academic performance of all our students by developing each student's learning potential through a wide variety of challenging programs that provide them with as many active learning and problem solving to reach their full academic potential.  We endeavor to become better citizens through adherence to our motto, "Respect, Responsibility, and Compassion."  Our Parent Teacher Association (PTA) is committed to fostering a strong sense of community and raising funds to support the classrooms with materials, enrichment programs, and extracurricular activies.

Lawton is a California Distinguished School 1986, 1993, 2002, and 2014

Class photo from Lawton January 1960

Class photo from Lawton January 1960

Class photo from Lawton November 1954

Class photo from Lawton November 1954

Culture & Climate Survey family survey

Student will take their own survey. We encourage parents and guardians to take this family survey

Here it is:

● The Culture & ...more

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School tours are on Tuesday and Thursday at starting at 9:25 a.m. from October to mid-January.   Please call (415) 759-2832 to make an appointment for a tour or sign up on Eventbrite at:  If you'd like to speak with a current parent, please send an email to

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