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Middle School Maker Faire - Save the Date - Saturday April 8, 2017 - 1:00-4:00 at Presidio Middle School
Middle School Maker Faire - Save the Date - Saturday April 8, 2017 - 1:00-4:00 at Presidio Middle School
Lawton middle school students are welcome to join Presidio for their Maker Faire on April 8.
If we have some parent or teacher volunteers who can help coordinate, that would be great.  Please contact organizer Janet Yieh.
H Folks,
It’s time to start working on our upcoming Maker Faire. Last year’s Maker Faire was an awesome event, but all 3 of last year's organizers have moved on with students to High Schools throughout the city.
In order to pull this off, I’m gonna need some help.  I am looking for some folks to either lead or volunteer for a few committees.  I’m breaking down tasks into small manageable chunks so no one (including me) are overwhelmed.
Please send me an email to if you are able to help with any of the following.
Logistics Coordinator
Looking for 4-5 people to help determine what supplies are needed at each booth.  I will also need folks to be available in each ‘zone” to make sure set-up goes well.  Please let me know if you can lead or if you would just like to volunteer for this committee.
Maker Recruiter
This person will help me identify potential Makers from School, Staff & Community.  I need a creative person in this role. We want great activities for our guests to enjoy.
This person will help plan the layout of the event.  Working with logistics team to be sure placements make sense based on proximity to  electrical/water/other needs.
Graphic Designer
This person needs to be able update last years posters and other promotional materials. This job can be done from home.
Volunteer Coordinator
This person will help recruit volunteers to all needed tasks, including setting schedules at each booth. This job can be done from home via email, but will need to be onsite on the day of the event.
Donations coordinator
This person will contact donators from previous years and arrange for prizes for student volunteer prize drawing.  This can be done from home via email.
Music Coordinator
This person needs to have a working knowledge of equipment/setup needed for our musical guests.  Would need to coordinate with Band & orchestra department for any equipment that can be borrowed.
Food Coordinator
Food will be offered as a fundraiser for the 8th grade Washington DC trip. All volunteers will be coordinated through the Wa DC teaching staff.  Just wanted to let folks know that there will be food and it will be a fundraiser, so plan to be hungry that day :)
If we do not get volunteers to help with these tasks, we will not be able to have this event. So please let me know ASAP how you can help.
Thank you,
Janet Yieh
Presidio PTSA
Posted by: Armen Sedrakian Published:2/8/17
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