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Grade 3

Mr. Sobel and Ms. Banga:  3rd Grade Classroom Supply List


The following are RECOMMENDED items to have for use at home and school. If you can’t get all items, don’t worry.

PLEASE NOTE: Items with * next to them will also be provided at school for shared use. (Some students just like to have their own supplies in their desks).


* Scissors - 1 pair

* 2 dozen #2 Pencils – kids should have 3-4 at school each day

* Colored Pencils

* Glue Stick

* Erasers (hand held or pencil top)

* 1 Ruler with both inches and centimeters (keep at home for homework)

Flash drive for saving documents (2GB is fine)

Plastic or paper folders w/pockets

Pencil box to hold school supplies

1 Box of Broad Tip Markers - Washable (Classic Colors)

2-4 Highlighters of different colors

Post-It notes


Suggested to Purchase for use at home:

Dictionary and thesaurus for use at home

1 Package Wide-Ruled notebook paper

Colored pencils/markers for projects

Ruler with cm and inches



Ms. Larsen 3rd Grade Supply and Wish Lists


For School:

  • 2 pocket homework folder

  • 2 Composition books with cardboard cover (not plastic - too slippery)

At Home Supplies:

  • Pencils, eraser, paper, crayons or colored pencils, scissors, glue, dictionary


For Classroom T-shirt:  Recommended donation $10.00


Classroom Wish List:


  • Liquid hand soap in a small pump

  • Paper towels and kleenex

  • Wipes – disinfectant and hand wipes

  • Science Journals

  • Large pad of art paper

  • Colored markers - the set that includes the color pink

  • Expo board marking pens

  • Typing paper - any color, but light colored paper is nice

  • Card stock heavy weight paper white and colored

  • Art Supplies – stickers, markers, Crayola crayons in 24 packs

  • Blue painter’s tape


I also sometimes post larger requests on  Donor’s Choose and

Lakeshore Learning  

I am considering putting up a request for new student desks this year.

Search on teacher’s last name "Larsen" in San Francisco.